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Purchase an Original

© All images copyright 2020 Rekha Khurmi. All rights reserved.

Buying original artwork is an investment and to be enjoyed for many years to come and your patronage is appreciated and important to me.


All original artworks below are available to purchase and will come directly from my studio in Victoria, Australia. All artworks are signed and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and Artwork Reference Number, allowing you and future owners to track the painting's provenance. 

All artwork sold will be packaged appropriately to protect the painting during transit both locally and internationally.

See my tips for caring for your artwork.

If you have any questions about a particular piece, please get in touch.

Original Artwork Available

"The Farmer"

Oil on Linen, Framed

Size (cm): 32 x 27

AUD $2800 (excludes shipping)

Oil painting of a Indian Punjabi Farmer

"Through the Palm Trees"

Through the Palm Trees.jpg

Acrylic on canvas board, Framed

Size (cm): 35.5 x 46

AUD $950 (excludes shipping)

"Point Nepean"

Painting of Point Nepean looking down at the waves from the cliff edge

Acrylic on stretched canvas, Framed

Size (cm): 91 x 61

AUD $1760 (excludes shipping)

"A Cast"

Oil painting of a plaster cast bust.

Oil on stretched canvas, unframed

Size (cm): 40 x 30

AUD $800 (excludes shipping)

"Morning Beach, Aspendale"

Painting of a cold morning on Aspendale beach.

Acrylic on canvas board, unframed

Size (cm): 30 x 25

Artwork Ref: ARN

AUD $400 (excludes tax and shipping)

"Garden Lemons"

Garden Lemons.jpg

Oil on wood panel, Framed

Size (cm): 24 x 30

AUD $1060 (excludes shipping)

"Sea Turtle"

Painting of a sea turtle gliding under turquise blue water

Acrylic on stretched canvas, Framed

Size (cm): 30 x 40

AUD $800 (excludes shipping)

"On Stage"

Figurative oil painting of a man laying on chaise.

Oil on stretched canvas, unframed

Size (cm): 40 x 30

AUD $1200 (excludes shipping)


Oil on stretched canvas, unframed

Size (cm): 51 x 41

AUD $2500 (excludes shipping)

Oil portrait painting of a man wearing a hat and khaki green jacket.
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