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© All images copyright 2020 Rekha Khurmi. All rights reserved.

Historically, paintings were made to visually record a person, a landscape or to bring a story to life. Then cameras came along to make quick work of recording events and now we've all got cameras on our phones!


OK, so that historical timeline was hugely simplified! But my point is, and I think you'll agree, that there is nothing more beautiful and mesmerising than a painting. 

When you request an artist commission, Rekha Khurmi will create an original artwork specifically for you that will last for many generations to come. 


Whether you are considering a commission of a loved one, a much loved family pet, a special event or place dear to your heart, maybe even a still life of some treasured object, contact me. I would love to hear about your vision and help you bring your time treasured painting to life.



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